Chef: Aaron Dorsey

Website: N/A



  1. Mix the Griopro® Cricket Powder with the water.
  2. Resulting slurry should have a thick pudding like consistency.  If it’s more peanut butter-like add a little more water.
  3. Add salt and seasoning of your choice as desired.  Mix well.  Be sure to add sufficient salt and seasoning as some may leach out during boiling.  This may take some trial and error to get it the way you want it.  You may also wish to add some sort of oil for a juicier sausage (we recommend 1/3 cup, or 50 grams, of olive oil)
  4. Pour slurry into standard sausage casings and wrap/tie as desired.  Be sure to leave extra space in the casings for expansion but no air.  The casing should only be about half full and you should be able to squeeze the casing gently and touch thumb to forefinger while squeezing the casing without it bursting – otherwise it’s too full.
  5. Boil sausage casings for 10-20 minutes until they have the firmness and consistency desired.