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Is the US ready to stomach eating bugs?

The market for insect-based foods in the US will likely remain limited to adventurous eaters and people who already use other types of dietary supplements. Photograph: Felix Clay for the Guardian Chapul, Exo and Jungle – three protein bars making their way to supermarket shelves – have one thing in common: crickets. All three include cricket flour, which is touted by their manufacturers as an environmentally friendly alternative to milk or soy protein. [...]

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The Next Big Thing in protein will likely make you squirm

Credit: Courtesy of Coalo Valley Farms     Eating bugs might sound like something you’d do if you lost a bet. But a few companies have cropped up that are marketing insect powder as a nutritional supplement. Read Full Article

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Why these startups want you to eat bugs

Gold-coated crickets sit on chocolates. Photograph by Jean-Christophe Verhaegen — AFP/Getty Images Insect eating is common in 80% of the world’s countries — but not in the U.S. or Europe. Now, several entrepreneurs are working to bring the edible insect market to the US and Europe. It used to be only a few specialized ethnic restaurants like Toloache in New York City or Typhoon in Santa Monica offered insects on the menu (grasshopper [...]

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Insectpreneur Series: Interview with Dr Aaron T. Dossey of All Things Bugs LLC

In this month’s edition of our Insectpreneur Series we have another great interview lined up with Dr Aaron T. Dossey of All Things Bugs LLC! Dr. Dossey and his team are creating some of the highest quality Finely Milled Whole Cricket Powder in the industry, and at a large scale. And as we all know, cricket powder is one of the most useful and versatile ingredients in the edible insect food range. So without any further ado, [...]

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Eating Insects: Is This the Future Healthy Diet?

Source: iStock Each year, the world population increases by 70 million people. At this rate, the population will reach more than 9 billion people by 2050. As the number of human beings on our planet spikes, so does the demand for animal protein. But with 30% of the total land on earth already being used to raise livestock, the prospects of producing enough animal products to feed the entire population is looking bleak. [...]

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