Feeding the world with bugs

The answer to feeding the world's growing population? Bugs, according to experts at the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo. Currently, approximately 70% of agricultural land - and 30% of total land on earth - is used to raise livestock. If we're going to feed 9 billion-plus people in 2050, our eating habits will need to change. "Insects require less feed, less water, less land and less energy to produce and their production [...]

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All Things Bugs…So What If You Want To Try Some Insect Powder?

So where can manufacturers get hold of some insect flour to play with? One man who can help is Dr Aaron T Dossey, Georgia-based bug enthusiast and founder of All Things Bugs, who is working with a contract manufacturer in the northeast to produce ingredients (initially whole cricket powder, but in future a whole bunch of other bug-based products from meal-worm powders to meat replacements) using his patented process. Unlike some other cricket crushers, Dr [...]

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Life Is Like a Box of Bugs

Image credit: IFT Live Because of the deleterious effect animal agriculture has on the water supply and other natural reserves, new food sources must be considered. The practice of growing and consuming animals for protein is not sustainable. So what's the alternative? Insects. During the session "Real Pioneers: Experience with Insect Ingredients, Processing, Products, and Marketing, speakers discussed the virtues and necessity of adding insects to the Western diet. Pat Crowley of Chapul [...]

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Would you like a side of crickets with that? The future of insects as ‘people food’

Biochemist and entomologist Dr. Aaron Dossey is the founder/owner of All Things Bugs, a Georgia company dedicated to insect-based applications including insect-based foods. He spoke with Dick June 27 to explain why he believes insects are the food of the future, enabling us to feed our growing population efficiently. Read Full Article

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Process tweak yields a superior cricket protein, developer says

By Hank Schultz, 12-Feb-2014 Biochemist Aaron Dossey has built a company around a new way to create a protein powder ingredient from crickets. The process yields a superior ingredient with less inputs in the form of heat and time, he said. Read full article

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Local business makes protein powder from bugs

Dr. Aaron T. Dossey - All Things Bugs Aaron T. Dossey, a biochemist and molecular biologist who created All Things Bugs, poses for a portrait holding a sample of his whole cricket powder in Athens, Ga., on Monday, Feb. 17, 2014. Dossey performs much of his research and development for eco-friendly technologies from insects, including his protein-rich, whole cricket powder, at his home in Athens. (PHOTO: © 2014 Randy Schafer, randy.drum.schafer@gmail.com) The ingredients [...]

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Why Insects Should Be in Your Diet

Because of their high protein and fat content and their reproductive efficiency, insects hold great promise for thwarting an impending global food crisis. Image credit: Dusan Petricic As the human population grows, it is ever more important to temper our levels of consumption of the Earth's dwindling resources. Humans currently consume at least 40 percent of potential terrestrial productivity, and some 30 percent of the land on Earth is used to pasture and [...]

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Contributors – The Scientist

Image credit: The Scientist Meet some of the people featured in the February 2013 issue of The Scientist. Aaron Dossey first combined his two passions—insects and chemistry—in his final year of graduate school in 2006, when the University of Florida, Gainesville, had just bought a new nuclear magnetic resonance probe. Dossey brought in several insect specimens he had been keeping at home, and extracted chemical compounds to test the new device. Although his academic research [...]

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Local expert gets funding to develop food based on insects

Gainesville entomologist Aaron Dossey wants to feed bugs to starving children to prevent malnutrition, and now he has a $100,000 grant to give it a shot. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Wednesday awarded Dossey the grant to develop an insect-based food for children in famine-stricken areas of the world. Dossey said he plans to create a paste or other food product using insects such as crickets, which he said are more accessible than [...]

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Company Gets Grant to Develop Food Based on Insects to Fight Malnutrition

All Things Bugs said that it is a Grand Challenges Explorations winner, an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All Things Bugs develops insect-derived technologies for applications in food, farm and pharma. Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, Founder and Owner of All Things Bugs will pursue an innovative global health and development research project, titled "Good Bugs: Sustainable Food for Malnutrition in Children". Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) funds individuals worldwide to explore ideas [...]

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